You never know what you'll find:
History, mythology, Latin translations, Ben Franklin, earthquakes, inventions, whatever...


These are on
RandomizeList - It, uh, randomizes lists.
DeDupeList - Free tool to remove duplicates from a list.
DoubleSpaceIt - Adjust the spacing betweens items in a list
Count Duplicates - Counts duplicates in a list.
Filter Lines - Removes items from a list, as you specify.
TypingPlace - Copy in, edit and compile, then copy out. - Open your list of web sites with one click. - Let your small group pledge money anonymously. - Use multiple search engines at once.
WordMuddle - Scramble up words and still read them!
MemorizeNow - Free tool to help you memorize things.
TLDOpener - Opens websites using selected top-level domains.
Bible Translator - Tools to help translate.
CompareVerse - Compare Bible verses across versions.
Nato Phonetic Silly tool to translate into Nato phonetic spelling.


Just Thinking Weblog - My thoughts on various things.
Build a boat in a bottle
Biography - Biographies of famous people.
Latin - Definitions of Latin phrases.
Proverbs from Poor Richard's Almanac
Encyclopedia - a very old encyclopedia.
Information about mostly personal names
Natural History
Meaning of Bible Names
Arguments for the existence of God
The Cleft - An essay on God's mercy and Hell.
Revised King James New Testament - A free modern version.
ChurchPR: Writing press releases for your church
Some Inventions
Gem Stones
Great Events
A Sun Tzu Companion
Information about various place names
Chronology of Spanish American War
Chronology of World War I
The Ayesha: Adventures of the Landing Squad of the Emden
Some Notable Earthquakes
Pen names of authors
From 'The Boy Mechanic'
Unofficial information about the Monrovia School District.
The Great Discourse
A View From the Pew: A few tips for ministers
Old Books: My original home page. Civil War, Puritans, etc.
My old Just Thinking pages