Select top level domains (TLDs) such as "com", "net", "org", etc, then add lower level domains, such as "google", "amazon", "catfood" or whatever, then press Submit. TLDOpener will create links you can open individually or as a group. We recommend setting your browser to open new windows in tabs (here's how). Note: Opening too many at once can slow your computer.

If you add ...

com nz

to the Add TLDs field, then add ...


... to the Add lower level domains field and press Submit, you will get active links to...

Be careful! You could easily open more websites than your browser can handle.

Add TLDs (com net org whatever) separated by spaces, by typing or clicking.

com net org ar asia at au be biz br ca ch cl cn co cz de dk es eu fi fr hu il in info ir it jp kr me mobi mx nl no nu nz pl pt ru se sk tk tr tw ua us vn - more.

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