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Why Bother?
Why it is worth your time to write a press release, and why beginners have a special advantage.

Where To Send It
Some tips on finding appropriate publications to send your press release to.

The most frequent and fatal error in writing a press release, and how not to make it.

A Few Points of Style
A few stylistic points, for the press release and yourself.

Three Types
of Press Release

1. Coming Event
Let's start easy. Let the community know about special events at your church.

2. Feature Story
What interesting people are there at your church? This could even land you on the front page - maybe.

3. News Story
What newsworthy event will happen at your church? Last not because it is least, but because it is less frequent that you'll be able to use it. But some day...


What to Write About
"But nothing's happening at my church." Bet there is. And if there isn't, there's more wrong with your church than a press release can fix.

Media Bias
"But isn't the media biased against Christianity?" Probably, but here's why it usually doesn't make much difference.

Writing a Church Press Release

Much has changed since I created these web pages in 1999. Newspapers have faded into mere ghosts of their former selves, and social media has risen like a rocket, as, to a lesser extend, have online event calendars. These new media should now be a core part of your media outreach, though they are not dealt with here. But still, I believe much of the information here is still quite valid, so give it a look.

What if there was a way your church could communicate with hundreds or thousands of people in your community for nothing, or a few dollars at most? And what if I said that if you haven't done this before, you may be at an advantage to those who have? Would that be worth half an hour to learn?

I hope so, since it is so simple! And here, to get you started, is a baby step that will take maybe an hour out of the rest of your life:

If you have a church calendar, newsletter or other publication that you mail to members, add the local news media to your mailing list. As the recipient, put "Editorial Department."

This is not as effective as other things you can learn here, but it is ridiculously simple. As a former reporter, my editor frequently handed me organizational newsletters with items circled. She meant, "Do a story about this." And I did.

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