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September, 1917

1. The Italians on the Isonzo report the capture of 14 fortified mountains and 27,000 prisoners.

3. The Germans occupy Riga, evacuated by the Russians.

8. United States department of state publishes text of messages of Count Luxburg, German charge d'affaires at Buenos Aires, to the German foreign office in Berlin. These were sent by the Swedish legation in Argentina to the Swedish foreign office in Stockholm as their own official messages. They contained the recommendation of Count Luxburg that Argentine merchant ships should either be allowed to pass the blockade or else be "sunk without a trace" (spurlos versenkt).

14. The Italians capture Monte San Gabriele.

Russia proclaimed a republic, with Kerensky premier.

21. The Germans on the Dvina capture Jacobstadt, and repulse the Russians on a 25-mile front.

26. The British, attacking the German lines near Ypres, capture Zonnebeke.

28. The British in Mesopotamia take Ramadie, capturing the Turkish army under Ahmed Bey.

29. The Italians take important heights on the edge of the Bainsizza plateau.

“What a blessed condition is a true believer in! When he dies, he goes to God; and while he lives, everything shall do him good. Affliction is for his good. What hurt does the fire to the gold? It only purifies it.”
–Thomas Watson, A Divine Cordial