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August, 1917

2. The Kerensky government in Russia renews its pledge to the Allies to continue the war.

3. The Austro-Germans capture Czernowitz which changes hands for the tenth time during the war.

8. German troops under Mackensen reach the Susitza river; Russo-Rumanian forces retire in the Okna valley.

14. China declares war on Germany and Austria.

15. The Canadians, advancing near Loos, capture Hill 70, dominating Lens. The Germans burn St. Quentin cathedral.

19-22. The Italians resume the offensive on a 37-mile front, capture Selo, and take 13,000 prisoners.

20. The French capture important positions north of Verdun, including Dead Man's Hill.

29. The Austro-Germans in Rumania occupy important positions abandoned by mutinous Russian troops.