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October, 1917

1. German airplanes raid London.

9. Franco-British attack near Ypres results in capture of Poelcappelle.

12. German navy lands forces in the Gulf of Riga.

17. The Russian fleet, defeated in the Gulf of Riga, is trapped in Moon Sound.

18. The Germans, attacking by land and sea, capture Moon Island. The Russians begin evacuation of Reval.

23. The French, near Soissons, take Malmaison fort and 8000 prisoners.

24. Austro-Germans inflict disastrous defeat upon the Italians at Caporetto, compelling their withdrawal on a wide front with heavy losses.

25. The French drive the Germans across the Oise-Aisne canal, taking 12,000 prisoners and 120 cannon.

26. The Austro-Germans reach the Italian frontier, increasing their captures to 60,000 prisoners and 300 guns.

Brazil declares war on Germany.

28. The Austro-Germans capture Gorizia. The Italian losses resulting from the Austro-German breach at Caporetto exceed 100,000 prisoners and 700 guns.

31. The Austro-Germans reach the line of the Tagliamento, capturing 60,000 prisoners and several hundred guns from the Italian rearguard.