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July, 1917

1. Russian army, led in person by Kerensky, begins offensive in Galicia, capturing 10,000 prisoners but ending later in a disastrous retreat (July 19-Aug. 3).

3. German attacks on the Chemin des Dames are repulsed.

American expeditionary force reported to have safely arrived in a French port after defeating two submarine attacks en route.

7. Twenty-two German airplanes bombard London and the Isle of Thanet, killing 59 people.

10. By sudden attack the Germans capture British positions east of the Yser, north of Nieuport.

20. Kerensky becomes premier of Russia.

The Austro-Germans in Galicia advance against the Russians on a 26-mile front, capturing important positions.

23. The Russians in Galicia retreat on a 155 mile front from the Sereth to the Carpathians.

31. The French and British in attacks near Dixmude capture many villages, including Verlorenhoek, St. Julien, and Bixschoote.

“The Word without the Spirit cannot, the Spirit without the Word will not, guide us.”
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