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August, 1916

1. British naval forces occupy the port of Sadani, German East Africa.

5. The British rout the Turks at Romani, near the Suez canal, capturing 3000 prisoners.

9. The Italians capture Gorizia, taking 10,000 prisoners.

16. The French advance around Maurepas on the Somme front.

19. The British advance at Thiepval and High Wood on the Somme front.

British cruisers "Nottingham" and "Falmouth" sunk by German submarines in the North sea.

27. Rumania declares war on Austria and strikes

at the passes of the Transylvania Alps.

Italy declares war on Germany.

31. Turkey and Bulgaria declare war on Rumania.

“Walk as on the borders of the invisible world.”
–Robert Hawker Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portions, July 17