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April-, 1916

1. At the end of a twelve-day battle for Hill 304, northwest of Verdun, the Germans gain Malancourt and Haucourt.

2. After desperate attacks continuing over three weeks, the Germans, northeast of Verdun, enter Caillette Wood and take the village of Vaux.

3. The French before Verdun recapture the village of Vaux and recover most of Caillette Wood.

8. The total German advance since March 7 at Verdun amounts to a mile on a 6-mile front.

9-11. The Crown Prince sacrifices nine infantry divisions in ferocious assaults on the French line northwest of Verdun in vain attempts to capture Hill 304 and Le Mort Homme.

18. The Russians occupy Trebizond.

After terrific bombardment of the French lines, twelve German regiments attacking Pepper Hill near Verdun are thrown back with great losses.

23. Strong Turkish forces occupy Quatia, Egypt, 25 miles east of the Suez canal.

29. British army of 9000 men under General Townshead surrenders to Turks at Kut-el-Amara.

“Let us urge forward our spirits, and make them approach the invisible world, and fix our mind upon immaterial things, till we clearly perceive that these are no dreams; nay, that all things are dreams and shadows besides them.”
–Henry Scougal, The Life of God in the Soul of Man