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March, 1916

2. Germans begin artillery attacks on Verdun positions west of the Meuse.

5. German Zeppelins raid coast of England.

German cruiser "Moewe" reaches a home port after capturing 15 vessels in the South Atlantic.

6. The Germans, northwest of Verdun, capture Forges and Regneville.

10. The Germans, northwest of Verdun, recapture Crow Wood.

14. The Germans capture lower portion of Le Mort Homme, or Dead Man's Hill, northwest of Verdun.

20. The Germans attack heavily west of the Meuse, near Verdun, and capture Avocourt Wood.

22. The Germans, northwest of Verdun, take Haucourt Hill.

French passenger steamer "Sussex" sunk without warning by German submarine, 50 lives lost; all American passengers saved.

27-28. First war council of the Entente Allies meets in Paris.

30. Russian hospital ship "Portugal" sunk by Turkish submarine.

“"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.”
Isaiah 55:8