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September, 1914

1. Allied armies continue retreat. Russians defeat Austrians in Galicia.

2. Russian armies capture Lemberg.

3. French government removed from Paris to Bordeaux.

4. German army under Von Kluck, upon reaching a point near Louvres, about 17 miles from Paris, the nearest approach made by German forces during the war, turns away from the capital and marches east to strike at the French center behind the Marne.

5. German army begins advance south of the Marne. Joffre disposes the allied forces for a great offensive, ordering his armies to attack and "to die rather than retreat."

6. Battle of the Marne begins, on a line extending from Ermenonville to Verdun. With upwards of 1,000,000 men, Joffre confronts German armies totaling 900,000.

7. General engagement continues on the entire line of the Marne with the Allies on the offensive.

Germans capture the fortress of Maubeuge.

8. General Gallieni, the "savior of Paris," forms a new army, transports 80,000 men in automobiles eastward from the capital and attacks the rear of Von Kluck's army which is simultaneously attacked on flank by the English army.

9. Left wing of the Allies continues to advance, the British crossing the Marne.

Russian army of 1,500,000 overwhelmingly defeats 1,000,000 Austrians in Galicia.

Serbia wins victory over Austrians on the Drina.

10. Battle of the Marne ends with German armies in full retreat to the Soissons-Rheims line, thus marking the failure of Germany's efforts to crush the French center and capture Paris.

11. Battle in France continues with Allies steadily forcing back the German armies.

13. The great German retreat ends on a previously prepared line from Soissons to the Argonne Forest. Battle of the Aisne begins.

14. French forces reoccupy Amiens.

15. The French reoccupy Rheims.

16. The Russian armies attack Przemysl.

21. Russians capture Jaroslav.

22. Serbians defeat Austrians near Krupani.

24. The Allies occupy Peronne.

25. German forces penetrate to St. Mihiel and occupy Camp des Romains.

28. Rheims cathedral bombarded by Germans.

Battle of the Aisne closes with both armies approaching a deadlock which remained practically unbroken for nearly four years.

Turkey closes the Dardanelles.

29. Germans begin siege of Antwerp.

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”
John 3:17