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October, 1918

1. General Allenby captures Damascus.

2. The French enter St. Quentin.

3. The British enter Lens and Armentieres.

King Ferdinand of Bulgaria abdicates.

4. The Americans renew attacks on entire Meuse-Argonne front, meeting with desperate resistance along the Aire.

6. The German chancellor asks President Wilson for an armistice.

7. British, French, and Americans, attacking between St. Quentin and Cambrai, advance on entire front, taking Beaugard and Pr mont. Hindenburg line penetrated south of Cambrai.

8. Allies under British command crush the Cambrai-St. Quentin front, forcing the Germans to the rear of the Hindenburg line.

9. The British take Cambrai.

10. Americans capture Argonne Forest.

The British advance 12 miles beyond Cambrai, completely smashing the famous Hindenburg line and capturing Le Cateau.

12. Americans on the Meuse front gain 5 miles on a 40-mile front, defeating 7 German divisions and capturing 10,000 prisoners.

13. The French capture Laon and La Fore. The 77th American division takes Grandpre.

14. American troops break the Kriemhilde line.

17. Allied armies capture Ostend, Bruges, Lille, and occupy Douai.

18. Allied forces take Zeebrugge, Thielt, Toureoing, and Roubaix.

The Americans capture Bantheville.

19. German armies in full retreat from the North sea to the Sambre.

American Second Army Corps, at the end of two weeks' attacks against Hindenburg defense system, completes an advance of 13 miles, taking 6000 prisoners.

24. British armies defeat Germans on a 25-mile front between the Sambre and the Scheldt, taking 7000 prisoners and 100 field guns.

Allied armies under General Diaz begin a tremendous offensive against entire Austrian line in Italy.

25. The Germans flood river valleys in the Argonne region in vain attempts to stop the American advance.

26. Ludendorff, failing to extricate the German armies from the ever tightening grip of Foch's forces, is compelled to resign the chief command.

28. Italian armies under General Diaz drive Austrians back 5 miles on a 45-mile front.

30. The Italians advance 12 miles beyond the Piave on a 50-mile front.

Austria asks Italy for an armistice.

31. Turkey virtually surrenders to the Allies under the terms of an armistice.

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