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July, 1918

1. The American Second Division captures Vaux.

4. Australian and American troops recapture Hamel and Vaire Wood, strengthening the allied positions near Amiens.

12. Former czar Nicholas II. of Russia reported slain by Bolsheviki.

14. Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt, is killed in aerial flight on the French front.

15. The fifth great German drive of the year begins on a 50-mile front from Vaux to the Champagne. In this final offensive the Germans force the passage of the Marne but are soon outfought by the French, Americans, and Italians and held to narrow gains purchased at staggering cost while Foch makes ready for his counter-stroke.

At Dormans the Americans, after withdrawing four miles, in a furious counter-attack drive the Germans back to the Marne, inflicting severe losses.

18. General Foch begins the long series of increasingly effective attacks which finally crush German resistance on all fronts.

18-22. In the victorious allied thrust towards Soissons, made on a front of 25 miles in the Marne salient, the American First and Second Divisions are given the place of honor with picked French divisions. Without artillery preparation the infantry attacked at dawn everywhere forcing back the Germans from 3 to 6 miles during the first day. At the end of the fifth day of continuous advance, the First Division gained the heights above Soissons, while the Second had taken Vierzy. The two divisions captured 7000 prisoners and 100 field guns, greatly shattering the morale of the opposing German troops.

19. British troops capture Meteren.

20. The American troops, attacking on the Aisne-Marne front have captured 17,000 prisoners and 560 guns. The defeated Germans withdraw completely from the south bank of the Marne.

20-29. British and French troops attacking on the Ardre, southwest of Rheims, advance 4 miles.

24. German losses since the beginning of General Foch's counter-attack estimated at 180,000.

24-27. The Forty-second American division fights its way through the Forêt-de-Fère to the Oureq.

28. Fère-en-Tardenois captured by French and Americans.

29. The First Australian division takes Merris.