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June, 1918

1. The great German drive, rolling forward 6 or 7 miles a day, reaches the heights of the Marne near Chateau Thierry, only 60 miles from Paris. Arriving at the battle front, American troops go into the fighting line at Chateau Thierry.

2. In the fierce battle of Chateau Thierry American soldiers block the German drive at the point of its nearest approach to Paris hurling back the enemy's veteran battalions. This victorious stand electrifies France.

3. At Jaulgonne, German shock troops force the passage of the Marne but are driven back across the river by American counter-attacks.

6-7. American Marines, attacking strong positions in Belleau Wood, near Chateau Thierry, drive the Germans back more than 2 miles, capturing Bouresches and entering Torcy.

9. The Germans, compelled finally to notice the Americans, in a report referring to the attack of June 6-7 on Belleau Wood, say: "Americans who attempted to attack northwest of Chateau Thierry were driven back beyond their positions of departure with heavy losses."

The Germans begin a new drive between Montdidier and Noyon.

10-11. American troops attack, with bayonet and rifle, machine gun positions considered impregnable by the enemy and complete the capture of Belleau Wood, south of the Oureq, putting out of action three crack German divisions and seriously damaging their morale. While in itself a minor engagement of the great war, this victory proved the fighting quality of the Americans and infused a new spirit of confidence into the Allies.

11. Allied counter-attacks regain much ground between Montdidier and Noyon. The Germans claim capture of 75,000 prisoners since May 27.

13. The German high command, regardless of losses, hurls specially selected divisions against the United States troops in Belieau Wood "in order to prevent at all costs the Americans being able to achieve success." Though depleted in numbers, the Americans not only withstand all attacks but continue to advance.

15. The Austrians launch a powerful offensive against the Italians on a 90-mile front but are everywhere held to unimportant gains.

19. The Germans, attacking Rheims from three sides with 40,000 men, are severely repulsed.

23. The Italians drive the Austrian armies across the Piave in full retreat from the Montello plateau to the Adriatic sea, inflicting losses estimated at 180,000 and ending German hopes of Austrian assistance on the Franco-Belgian front.

24. The American forces begin final series of attacks to clear the Germans from positions about Belleau Wood.

28. British surprise attack gains important positions between Pont Tournant and La Becque.

30. In honor of the bravery and sacrifice of the American Marines in capturing Bouresches and Belleau Wood, the French order the forest officially renamed Bois de la Brigade de Marine, or Marine Brigade Wood.

English and Japanese troops land at Vladivostok.