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May, 1917

4. American naval squadron begins operations in European waters.

The French capture Craonne, near Rheims.

12. The British and French announce captures, in operations since April 9, of a total of 49,579 men, 444 field guns, and 943 machine guns.

14. The Italians begin an offensive from Tolmino to the sea, advancing their lines east of Gorizia and on the Carso.

15. General Petain succeeds General Nivelle as commander-in-chief of the French armies, with General Foch as chief of staff.

16. The British capture Bullecourt.

18. Selective Service act passed by Congress.

24. The Italians capture important positions near Jamiano. taking 10,009 prisoners.

30. The armed American steamer "Silver Shell" destroys an enemy submarine in the Mediterranean.

“God is a skilful physician. He knows what is best. God observes the several tempers of men, and knows what will work most effectually. Some are of a more sweet disposition, and are drawn by mercy: others are more rugged and knotty pieces: these God deals with in a more forcible way. Some things are kept in sugar, some in brine. God doth not deal alike with all, he hath trials for the strong, and cordials for the weak.”
–Thomas Watson, A Divine Cordial