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April, 1917

1. The armed American steamer "Aztec" is torpedoed without warning by a German submarine off Brest, with the loss of 11 lives.

3. The Germans repulse the Russians in Volhynia.

6. The United States declares a state of war exists with Germany.

9. Canadian troops capture Vimy Ridge. Other British attacks near Arras make important gains.

13. The British advancing between the Scarpe and the Loos, capture Vimy, Givenchy, and other positions about Lens.

l4. War credit of $7,000,000,000 voted by Congress; loans of $3,000,000,000 to the Allies authorized.

18. After a three days' battle between Soissons and Rheims, the French announce the capture of 17,000 prisoners.

23. Strong British attacks near Vimy, supported by tanks, gain at all points on 8-mile front. British airplanes destroy 39 German machines with a loss of two.

30. The Russians in Armenia evacuate Mush.

“Faith carries the heart out of itself, and commits itself wholly into the hands of God.”
–Thomas Goodwin, The Return of Prayers