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November, 1915

5. Nish, Serbian war capital, surrenders.

7. Italian forces under Garibaldi capture Col di Lana.

10. Russians, assisted by their fleet, beat back German attempts to capture Riga.

24. Serbian government is removed to Scutari.

25. General Townsend, in Mesopotamia, is compelled to fall back to Kut-el-Amara where, with about 15,000 men, he is besieged by the Turks.

29. The German government formally declares that all possible provisions should be made for the safety of persons on a vessel about to be sunk at sea. Apparently this constituted a diplomatic victory for the American contention for the safety of innocent persons on the high seas.

30. Teutonic allies capture Prisrend, Serbia, with 16,000 prisoners, also Monastir.

The German-Bulgarian campaign results in the complete subjection of Serbia. Surviving Serbian troops numbering fewer than 100,000 are driven into Montenegro and Albania, pursued by the Austrians.

“Not a drop of rain falls in the sandy desert or on the barren rock, however useless it may seem to be, that is not seen to be of value by God, and that is not designated to accomplish some important purpose there.”
–Albert Barnes, Notes, Job 38:26