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October, 1915

1. The Russians finally halt the great Austro-German drive commanded by Von Hindenburg. The battered Russian armies, though managing to maintain a united front, had suffered unparalleled reverses for five months, losing 300,000 killed and wounded and 1,100,000 prisoners.

4. French bring the great Battle of Champagne to a close after taking Massiges plateau and Tahure ridge, together with 23,000 prisoners, many guns, and much war material. The French staff officially etimates total German losses at 140,000.

5. Count von Bernstorff notifies the American government that Germany had given strict instructions to submarine commanders which would absolutely prevent any repetition of incidents similar to the "Arabic" case.

French and British troops are landed at Saloniki.

6. Austro-German forces estimated at 300,000 under command of Von Mackensen cross the Danube near Belgrade to cooperate with the Bulgarian armies in crushing Serbia.

9. Austro-Germans occupy Belgrade.

11. Russians break Austrian line and cross the Stripa.

Bulgarians begin attacks on Serbia at four points.

13. Edith Cayell, British nurse, is shot by Germans at Brussels.

English troops capture portions of the famous "Hohenzollern Redoubt."

14. Bulgaria declares war on Serbia.

15. Great Britain declares war on Bulgaria.

16. France declares war on Bulgaria.

17. Great Britain offers Cyprus to Greece for fulfillment of Greek treaty obligations to Serbia.

18. Serbia protests to the United States against German extermination of civil population.

19. Italy declares war on Bulgaria.

Russia declares war on Bulgaria.

21. Italians begin general offensive from the Tyrol to the Adriatic.

22. Greece, declining to abandon her neutral policy, refuses to aid Serbia in return for the cession of Cyprus.

31. Russian counter-offensive in Baltic stops German advance at Platokovna.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”
Psalm 55:22