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Why am I going to Hell?

While God knows why I am going and is willing that I should make the journey, this is a question my family and neighbors have asked me more than once, and it seems proper that I should give the best answer I can.

I've been a child of God ever since I heard the good news of Jesus Christ as a 18-year-old growing up in North Dakota, in the United States, when the first world existed.

Living on earth it always confused and troubled me that anyone would refuse the grace Jesus offered. Forgiveness was free, I told them. And yet how many a time they continued toward Hell, and at what a cost. If they wished to be damned, surely they needn't have paid such a high price for it. Drunkenness and broken homes and ruined friendships.

And though I spoke to many about their decision, I was never satisfied that I really understood their reasons.

Now, in Heaven, while my joy is pure, my curiosity remains, as I know from talking to many of you during my career as a reporter for The Light, that it does for you.

Why would anybody refuse Jesus? Why would anybody turn away from Heaven? Why would anybody choose Hell? And I also wonder, having now experienced Hell, if any of its inhabitants have second thoughts on their decision.

That, in short, is why I am going to Hell.

Now, let me briefly discuss my preparations.

First, I had to consider whether Hell is hot or cold. Passages in the Bible seem to indicate that both are the case.

So, on the one hand it is clear Hell is a place of fire, but on the other hand it is situated in the outer darkness, which would, it would appear, seem to make it a rather cold place. Not being entirely able to decide, I felt it best to be prepared for either eventuality.

So for this reason, I packed both a fire suit and the warmest parka I could find. Neither of these items being necessary in Heaven, I had to have both specially made.

Nor, of course, is lighting a problem in Heaven. As I learned in church and subsequently experienced in Heaven, God provides all the necessary illumination. But, of course, as Hell is located in the outer darkness, I felt it would be wise to have a powerful and long-lasting flashlight. This I procured with as much difficulty as I had in obtaining the parka and fire suit.

Difficult though it was obtaining these items, it was not comparable to the difficulty in obtaining transportation to Hell. There is, of course, no regular travel between Heaven and Hell, so it was only by special arrangement that I obtained permission to visit, and only by the service of an angel that I will be lifted over the chasm and set down upon the shores of Hell.

Copyright 2003, Brad Haugaard