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Monrovia School Link ~ Number 2 ~ February 28, 2000

I showed up early to attend the school board's study session, held in a hot back room. I was the only audience member. Did I want to sit at the conference table with the board members? Uh, no. Cookie? No thanks. I don't mean to be antisocial, but I think I've got to keep a little distance if I'm going to do this right.
~ Brad Haugaard

CATCH 22 ~ I felt kind of sorry for Assistant Superintendant of Instruction Richard Hill. At the study session he went over his job tasks, which seem mostly to be shuffling paperwork to get federal and state money.

What about curriculum? he asked, then answered his own question: "We do what's required," he said, in a tone that suggested he'd do a lot more if he had time.

He said he is unable to make the progress he wants on curriculum because of the paperwork, but at the same time, paradoxically, the paperwork is what makes the money come in, which enables progress.

Someday, he said, he'd like to get back to having someone just do the paperwork, so the person in his shoes will be able to spend more time working on curriculum.

Just my impression, but I thought he sounded a bit tuckered out. He mentioned his retirement: "It's getting close to the time when I'll be leaving the district," he said.

I'm new here, but isn't curriculum like *really* important? It kinda sounds like it's getting short shrift.

GOODBYE CARD ~ Bill Card will be leaving his job as Clifton Middle School Principal next month. Board President Yolanda Gallardo mentioned this in passing. No details about why.

4.0 ~ I think the computer revolution is affecting vote counting. Rather than say a unanimous vote was "four to zero," Board President Yolanda Gallardo said a couple of times that the vote was "four point oh." That's okay. I like computers.

HONOR SOCIETY ~ Superintendent Louise Taylor reported that about two weeks ago 39 Monrovia students were inducted into the National Honor Society. She said more Monrovia students are inducted into the society every year.

BOA ~ It's fun to see the stuff people donate to the schools. Consider this item: "A red-tailed boa constrictor and a 60 gallon terrarium having a declared value of $300 received from Jose Montanez for use in the Monrovia High School Science Department."

YOU FEP ~ What I heard Assistant Superintendant of Instruction Richard Hill say: "All teachers should get clad." I kinda thought that went without saying, but what he really said was: All teachers should get CLAD (Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development certificate). Other acronyms: BCLAD (Please do! Actually, just tack "bilingual" on the front of the previous one), ESL (English as a Second Language - but you knew that one, didn't you), and FEP (Fluent English Proficient). Wow! Tell all your friends you're a FEP.

ADMINISTRATOR ~ Mark your calendars. The Board of Education has named March 5-11 to be "Week of the School Administrator."

NEW FACES ~ I saw in the Monrovia Today magazine that Ron Letourneau has taken over as principal at Santa Fe and Mari Calabrese as the new assistant principal of curriculum, instruction and assessment at Monrovia High. Letourneau was an assistant principal at Charter Oaks HS and holds a Masters from Azusa Pacific. Calabrese was dean of instruction at Temple City HS and has a Masters from Cal State Fresno.

WILD ROSE ~ Also from Monrovia Today, if you have old pictures of Wild Rose Elementary, the school would like to borrow them. Call the office at 357-2383.

NEXT BOARD MEETING ~ Next meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 8 at the administration office at 325 E. Huntington Drive.

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Copyright (c) 2000, Brad Haugaard