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April, 1918

1. The Allies hold against all German attacks on the western front, inflicting enormous losses. The French estimate German casualties during 11-day offensive at about 300,000.

5. The Germans claim capture since March 21 of 90,000 prisoners and 1300 guns.

6. President Wilson states that Germany's challenge will be met with "force to the utmost."

10. British and Portuguese forced back six miles near Armentières and La Bassée canal.

12. Field-Marshal Haig issues his famous back-to-the-wall order: "All positions must be held to the last man." The Germans capture Armentières. German airplanes bombard London and Paris.

13. The British line holds against massed German attacks from Armentières to Hazebrouck.

16. Bolo Pasha executed in France for treason.

18. German attacks west of La Bassée and Givenchy fail to break the British line.

20. Americans repulse German raid at Seicheprey.

22. British naval raid blocks entrance to Zeebrugge, preventing exit of submarines.

24. German forces, attacking whole front south of the Somme, are held to slight local gains.

25. The Germans force back the French and British in the Lys salient.

26. The First Division of the American army goes into line on the Picardy front.

28. The Germans capture Kemmel Hill.