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December, 1917

1. First meeting of the Allies' supreme war council at Versailles.

2. Surprise counter-attack by Germans near Cambrai forces British to give up a fourth of the ground gained by General Byng's advance of Nov. 20-22. Berlin claims the capture of 6000 British.

3. Bolshevik emissaries begin negotiations for an armistice with the Germans at Brest-Litovsk.

5. The British evacuate Bourlon Wood and other positions west of Cambrai.

6. Explosion of munitions vessel wrecks Halifax.

The Austro-Germans take Monte Sisemol on the Asiago plateau, capturing 4000 prisoners.

7. The United States declares a state of war exists with Austria-Hungary.

10. British forces under General Allenby occupy Jerusalem.

11. Powerful Austrian attacks against the Italians between the Brenta and the Piave are repulsed.

14. Allied naval council formed.

23. Austro-German forces on the Asiago plateau storm Col del Rosso and Monte Valbella, cutting off 6000 Italians from the main army.