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Proverbs From Poor Richard's Almanac

A Collection of maxims, or proverbs, on the value of work and savings for success, from Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac, or from his letters.

Plan for Saving One Hundred Thousand Pounds
Necessary Hints to Those That Would Be Rich
Advice to a Young Tradesman
Word to the Wise
Fill a Bushel
Help Themselves
The Used Key
Don't Squander Time
Sleeping Fox
Sleep Later
Wasting Time
Never Found
Too Little Time
All Things Easy
Trot All Day
Drive Your Business
Early to Bed
Die Fasting
No Pain, No Gain
An Estate
The Workingman's House
Pays Debts
Mother of Luck
God Gives
Plow Deep
One Today
Do it Today
Be Ashamed
Inglorious Here
Cat in Gloves
Diligent Mouse
Little Strokes
Employ Time Well
Value the Hour
Leisure vs Laziness
Toil from Ease
Wits with Labor
Pleasure For the Busy
Diligent Spinner
A Sheep and a Cow
Settled Be
Moving and Fire
Keep Thy Shop
Go Yourself
Hold or Drive
Eye of the Master
Want of Care
Leaving Your Purse Open
Affairs of the World
Riches to the Careful
The Bold and Virtuous
A Little Neglect
For Want of a Nail
A Fat Kitchen
Spent in the Getting
Saving and Getting
Great Wants
Vice and Children
A Mickle
A Small Leak
Dainties Love
Fools Make Feasts
Selling Necessaries
Pause a While
Buying Bargains
Learn from Others
Silks and Satins
Poor and Indigent
A Plowman on his Legs
A Child and a Fool
Always Taking Out
The Dry Well
Try to Borrow
Consult Your Purse
A Loud Beggar
The First Desire
Keep Near Shore
Dining on Vanity
Sup with Infamy
A Butterfly Drest
The Second Vice
On Debt's Back
An Empty Bag
Creditor' Memories
Superstitious Creditors
A Short Lent
Borrower is Slave
Morning Sun
Expense is Certain
Two Chimneys
Rise in Debt
Lead Into Gold
School of Experience
Can't Give Conduct
Won't Be Counselled
Rap Your Knuckles

Thoughts by Benjamin Franklin from Poor Richard's Almanac, or from his letters, on life and prosperity.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”
Romans 3:23