About This Encyclopedia

The information in this encyclopedia takes a strongly British perspective on the world from roughly the late 1890s.

Because the information is very dated, and because the meanings of words change (see acupressure for example), do not rely upon this information. It is here only to give a perspective on the world from more than a century ago.

There have been some instances where I felt racial characterizations were too insulting, and I removed those, though I did not remove all rude charicterizations, because to do so completely would give an inaccurate picture of the worldview at that time. Those negative characterizations that remain do not reflect my beliefs. Aside from this, there has been some material that has been removed for technical and other reasons, but information that has been edited has been edited lightly, in almost all cases by simply removing a problem phrase, but most of the entries have not been edited at all.

- Brad