Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Zulu Xosas

Zulu-Xosas (Zulu-Kafirs), a main division of the Bantus (q.v.), whose original domain comprises the whole of the South-Eastern seaboard of Africa from Delagoa Bay to Great Fish River, and extends from the coast inland to the Quathlamba and Drakenberg ranges. At present Gazaland is the only Zulu state which preserves even a semblance of political independence. The Ma-Zitu, Ma-Ravi, Ma-Ngone, and other Zulu hordes north of the Zambezi, have been brought under subjugation or dispersed by the Germans in East Central Africa or by the English in Nyassaland. Ketchwayo, last of Chaka's dynasty, was overthrown by the English in 1879, and since his death (1884) Zululand itself has become a British protectorate, administered from Natal. Physically the Zulu-Xosas are a fine Negroid people, tall (averaging 5 feet 10 inches), symmetrical, and well-built, displaying considerable intelligence in their social and political systems.