Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ulcer, a sore resulting from the destruction of a portion of the skin, or of the mucous membrane, as the result of injury, inflammation, or new growth. While an ulcer thus affects the cutaneous or mucous surfaces, the mischief may originate in deeper parts, and spread outwards, so as to involve the overlying skin or mucous membrane. There are certain predisposing causes of ulceration which demand consideration; any impairment of general nutrition, such as is present in scurvy, gout, etc., may exert such an influence, and interferences with the activity of the general circulation, or local obstructions to the flow of blood through the affected part, have considerable effect in this connection. Several varieties of ulcers are described, among which may be mentioned the healing ulcer, the chronic ulcer, the sloughing ulcer, the syphilitic ulcer, the strumous ulcer, the scorbutic ulcer, the rodent ulcer, and the epitheliomatous ulcer. The treatment of ulcers is essentially bound up with their cause, and must necessarily be carried out under skilled advice.