Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ugolino, Count, immortalized by Dante in his Inferno, was born in the 13th century of an illustrious family, named Gherardesca. He was appointed chief magistrate of Pisa, and attempted to form a principality, as Visconti had done at Milan, and Della Scala at Verona. In 1274 he was imprisoned by the Pisan Government for his intrigues, but was recalled in order to assist in defending Pisa, then harassed by enemies. By treachery and bribery he managed to secure the control of the government, and ruled his subjects ruthlessly. Roger de' Ubaldini, Archbishop of Pisa, with whom he had made a pact, which he failed to keep, conspired against him, and, being as unscrupulous as himself, caused his arrest in 1288, and had him starved to death.