Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Turkomans (TURKMENIANS), a large division the Turki race (q.v.), whose domain comprises the whole of Transcaucasia between the Oxus and Caspian Sea east and west, and between the Aral Sea and Irania north and south. Turkoman tribes are also scattered in small groups over Afghan Turkestan, Persia, and Asia Minor. Chief tribal groups: Tekke, Goklan, Yomud, Sarik, Saler, Ali-Eli, Ersari, Chandor, with total population about 600,000, divided into Khalks (tribes), Taife (sub-tribes), and Tire (clans), and socially into Charwar (nomads) and Churmur (settled). From time immemorial fierce marauders without any political coherence, but since 1881-82 reduced to order under the Russian rule.