Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Tipu Sahib

Tipu Sahib, (1750-99), the most redoubtable enemy England has ever encountered in India, was the son of Hyder Ali, and reached the throne of Mysore in 1782. His intense hatted of England was developed early, and in his youth he attempted to wreak his vengeance on all who favoured her. He took a prominent part in the war which was raging in 1782, but consented to a treaty in 1783. From 1790 to 1793 he was again at war with the British, who pressed him hard, and a third war broke out in 1799. He was killed at Seringapatam, which was successfully stormed by the British in that year, and with his death was destroyed perhaps, the last really important obstacle to British rule in India. He was mercilessly cruel to his prisoners, and relentlessly forced Islamism on the inhabitants of the Malabar coast.