Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Tipperary, an Irish county in the province of Munster, bounded N. by Galway and King's County, E. by Queen's County and Kilkenny, W. by Clare and Limerick, S.E. by Cork, and S. by Waterford. The length from N. to S. is 70 miles, the mean breadth 26 miles, and the area 1,659 square miles. The surface is mostly level, with a fertile soil of calcareous loam. The most productive district is the Golden Vale in the S., which extends through the county north of the Galtee Mountains (3,008 feet) from Limerick to Waterford. The Knockmeledown Mountains (2,609 feet) stretch along the S. boundary, and towards the N. the heights including the Devil's Bit and Keeper Mountain lie N.E. and S.W. for some 18 miles. The most important rivers are. the Suir and Shannon. Dairy farming, is the principal industry. Tipperary, the county town, is situated on the Arra in the Golden Vale, 29 miles S.E. of Limerick. It carries on a large trade in butter.