Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ticino (or TESSIN), a southern canton of Switzerland, having Italy on the S. and W. and Italy and Grisons on the E. It is situate partly on the S. slope of the Alps; its chief river is the Ti thecino; and the St, Gothard Railway passes through. The Lake of Lugano and part of Lago Maggiore are in this canton. In the N. cattle-rearing and dairy-farming are carried on, further S. forests occur, and still further S. is a country of olive, vine, corn, figs, almonds oranges, citrons, and pomegranates. The capital is Bellinzona, but the largest town Lugano. The river Ticino rises on the southern slopes of Mount St. Gothard, flows S. through Lake Maggiore, then S.S.E. through North Italy, joining the Po 42 miles below Pavia. It is navigable below Lake Maggiore, a distance of 75 miles.