Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Tibbus, a people of North Africa, who appear to represent the ancient Garamantes reduced by Cornelius Balbus. They occupy all the inhabitable parts of the Sahara east of the Tuareg domain, i.e. from about the 13th meridian to the Libyan desert, their chief centre being the Tibesti highlands. The Tibbus, i.e. "Rock People," form two main divisions, the northern Teda of Tibesti, Borku, and all the surrounding oases as far as Kufra, and the southern Daza of Kanem and the eastern shores of Lake Chad. Here they are much intermingled with the Sudanese Negroes, and often present a distinctly Negroid type; but the Tedas, who represent the original stock, have a much lighter complexion and regular features like the Hamitic Tuaregs. But the language is entirely distinct from the Hamitic, and shows strong affinities with the Kanuri and other Negro tongues of Central Sudan. (Nachtigall, Keane.)