Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Thou, JACQUES AUGUSTE DE (1553-1617), French historian, was born in Paris, first studied law, and afterwards took holy orders, obtaining a prebend at Notre Dame. His knowledge of law was considerable, and, after travelling in Italy, he was appointed in 1578 ecclesiastical councillor in Parliament, subsequently receiving other places. About 1588 he renonnced his orders, and became a Councillor of State, next serving five years under Henri of Navarre. He became Keeper of the Royal Library, and as magistrate warmly supported the Edict of Nantes. He died, it is said, from disappointment in not being appointed first President of the Parliament after Henri IV.'s death. His chief work is his admirable contemporary history, Historia sui Temporis (1604-20), which gave offence to the Vatican by its outspokenness.