Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Theodosiusthe Great

Theodosius the Great, Roman Emperor, was born at Galicia, in Spain, about 346, and entered the army in youth, serving till the death of his father in 376. He was appointed administrator of the Eastern Empire by Gratian about 378, and repelled the Gothic invasion on two occasions. After the revolt of Maximus against Gratian and the death of the latter, he opposed Maximus and finally defeated and killed him, entering Rome in triumph. His ruthless massacre of 7,000 of the inhabitants of Thessalonica, in revenge for the murder of an officer of his, remains the greatest blot on his reign. In 392 he routed the forces of Arbogastes, and Eugenius, who had deposed and murdered Valentinian, brother of Gratian, and died shortly after (395). He finally destroyed paganism bv merciless penalties, and may be said to have checked the spread of the Arian heresy.