Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Tarquinius Priscns

Tarquinius Priscns, fifth mythical king of Rome, was born at Tarquinii, in Etruria. He is said to have reigned from 615 to 577 B.C. His son, TARQUINIUS SUPERBUS, seventh king, ascended the throne after murdering his father-in-law, Servius Tullius. The shameful conduct of his son Sextus, in the outrage of Lucretia, led to the expulsion of the family from Rome about 510 BC.

“Two things are necessary to the life of pure faith. The first is, that we behold God alone, under all the imperfect coverings that conceal him; the second is, constantly to have our souls kept in a state of dependence.”