Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

St Just

St.-Just, LOUIS ANTOINE (1768-94), revolutionist, was born in Nivernais, and studied law for a while, eventually turning his attention to literature, and writing various poems from which decency is always absent. During the Revolution he rose rapidly to prominence, and became one of Robespierre's most sanguinary associates. Indeed, it is now believed that Robespierre's cruelty was largely the result of St. Just's bloodthirsty inclinations. He was a fanatic and hesitated at nothing. He strongly advocated the execution of Louis XVI., and voted for the destruction of the Girondists. In Alsace, to which he had been sent as commissioner, his ferocity was equally marked. He was condemned to the guillotine at the same time as Robespierre.