Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

St Evremond

St.-Evremond, CHARLES MARQUETEL DE ST. DENIS (1613-1703), SEIGNEUR DE, a noble author and wit, was born in France, and entered the army, serving gallantly at the siege of Arras and becoming a general under the Prince de Conde. He was as witty as he was brave, and a few shafts of satire directed against the Prince caused his disgrace. He lost his commission and was kept in the Bastille for three months, fleeing to England to escape a second detention. He accompanied the Duchess of Mazarin, and was one of the chief ornaments of Charles II.'s court. He died in London and was buried in Westminster Abbey. His writings are clever essays and letters, and were first published in an imperfect form in 1668. The first authentic edition appeared in three volumes in London in 1705.