Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Solway Firth

Solway Firth, an inlet of the Irish Sea dividing the county of Cumberland to the S. from those of Kirkcudbright and Dumfries to the N. It has a breadth of 20 miles at its opening; and diminishes to 2 miles at its E. extremity, where extensive tracts of sand are exposed at low water. Its length is about 40 miles, The Nith, Annan, Esk, Eden, Weaver, Derwent, and other rivers flow into it. A famous railway viaduct 1,960 yards long spans the tidal creek between Bowness and Annan. Solway Moss, 7 miles in circumference, the scene of the defeat of James V. in 1542, lies a little to the N.E.