Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Shoshonean Snake Indians

Shoshonean ("Snake") Indians, a widespread North American people, whose domain extends from Oregon, California, and Idaho in a southeasterly direction through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, parts of New Mexico and Texas, nearly to the Gulf of Mexico. Formerly parts of Montana, Wyoming, Indian Territory, and even Kansas and Arkansas were also occupied by this great family, all of whose members speak dialects of a common stock language. Chief branches: Shoshoni and Bannock (1,720), chiefly in Fort Hall Reserve, Idaho; Chemehuevi, Comanche, and Tobikhar (4,000), in various Colorado, Arizona, Indian Territory, and Californian Agencies; Uta (2,840), in Colorado and Utah Agencies; Pai Uta, Paviotso, Tusayan (Moki) 7,300, still at large in Oregon, California, Nevada, and New Mexico; total population (1890) about 16,000.