Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Sharp James

Sharp, JAMES (1618-79), Archbishop of St. Andrews, was born in the castle of Banff. During the Commonwealth he supported the "Resolutioners" against the "Protesters," or extreme party, in the Kirk, but when sent on a mission to Charles at Breda (1660) he made use of the opportunity to intrigue with the prince and Clarendon. After the Restoration he secretly aided the establishment of Episcopacy in Scotland, receiving as his reward the Archbishopric of St. Andrews, By this step, as well as his subsequent conduct, he earned the hatred and scorn of the Covenanters. In May, 1679, whilst he was returning to St. Andrews with his daughter, he was attacked and murdered by twelve men on a lonely spot called Magus Muir.