Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Sevres Deux

Sevres, DEUX, a department in the W. of France, bounded N. by Marne-et-Loire, E. by Vienne, S.E. by Charente, S. by Charente-Inferieure, and W. by La Vendee. Us arga of 2,315 square miles is divided into three districts - viz. the Gatine, the Plain, and the Marsh. The former, adjoining the Bocage, is rocky and poor; the second yields large crops of grain; whilst the third, the smallest in extent, is fairly fertile when drained. The horses and mules of the department are much esteemed, and the cattle, goats, sheep, and other livestock are a source of considerable profit. Wine, cider, honey, and vegetables, are important products. Coal, peat, and freestone make up the chief mineral resources, though iron and other metals exist. Niort, the capital, St. Maixent, Bressuire, Melle, and Parthenay, are the chief towns, but all are poorly populated.