Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Sale Robert

Sale, SIR ROBERT HENRY (1782-1865), one of the greatest of Anglo-Indian soldiers, entered the army in 1795, and, after going to India, served through the first Burmese War, rising rapidly in rank. From 1838 onwards he commanded the well-known 1st Bengal Brigade, and fought strenuously to extend the British power in India. In Afghanistan and after the revolt of 1841 against the British in Cabul he won many victories with his small body of men. During 1841-42 he was besieged at Jellalabad for six months, and heroically defended the garrison, finally issuing forth and completely routing the besiegers. He was killed at the battle of Moodkee. He was probably descended frqm the GEORGE SALE (1680-1736) who published the translation of the Koran in 1734.