Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Saladin, or SALAH-ED-DEEN, the great Sultan of Egypt and Syria, was born in 1137, and when about thirty years old went with his uncle to Egypt to fight the Crusaders. His great courage was soon displayed to advantage, and his uncle was made Grand Vizier, Saladin succeeding him. Gradually increasing his power, he was named sultan on the death of Noureddin in 1173, and soon signalised his prowess by the eapture of Damascus, Aleppo, and other cities, entering the Holy Land in 1187, and totally defeating the Christians at Tiberias, under Guy de Lusignan, who was made prisoner. In October of the same year he took Jerusalem, and in November laid siege to Tyre without success. When the third crusade was started, Saladin had to meet Richard Coeur de Lion, who proved himself a formidable foe; and in 1192 a three years' truce was agreed to, but Saladin died in the following year. He was a man of noble character, moderate and benevolent, discouraging the murders and robberies of his followers, and building throughout Egypt, Syria, and Arabia, mosques, colleges, and hospitals.