Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Sakuntala, a female character of Hindu mythology whose story forms the subject of a drama. Heavenly nymphs used to descend to tempt the sages, and such a one overcame Viswanidra and bore him a daughter, Sakuntala. After a time the mother returned to heaven, and the sage to religion, and the daughter was taken care of by another sage, who dwelt in a forest where reigned the princes of the Lunar line. A prince met her and married her with the sanction of the deities, and her son was founder of the race of Bharatas.

“At the least whosoever has the spirit of Christ, shall find that spirit in him striving against that which is contrary, and by little and little gaining ground. Where there is no conflict, there is no spirit of Christ at all.”
–Richard Sibbes, Description of Christ