Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ruyter, MICHAEL ADRIAN DE (1607-76), famous Dutch admiral, was born at Flushing, and entered the navy at an early age. His gallantry and skill gained him a speedy promotion, and he did not fail to take advantage of his opportunities of distinguishing himself against the English on the sea. He commanded with Van Tromp the fleet which, in February, 1653, fought the great engagement with Admiral Blake at the Channel's mouth. In 1666 he repulsed Prince Rupert and Monk, but was himself beaten a little later by them. In the following year he managed to sail up the Thames to Sheerness, where he destroyed some men-of-war. In a battle with the French off Messina he was wounded, and died at the port of Syracuse of the effects. His body was buried at Rotterdam.