Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Royal Family

Royal Family, The, consists, in England, of the Queen Consort of the reigning sovereign, the Queen Dowager, and the lineal descendants of a reigning sovereign. The consort of a reigning queen is not a member of the Royal Family, unless, as in the case of Prince Albert, that rank has been specially conferred upon him. The Prince of Wales (Albert Edward, b. 1841) at present receives, in addition to the revenues of the Duchy of Cornwall, £40,000 a year with an additional £36,000 for his children, the Princess of Wales £10,000 with a prospective £30,000 in case of widowhood, and other members of the Family receive proportionate allowances. The following is a list of the principal members: -

Queen Victoria - b. 1819
Princess Royal, Dowager Empress of Germany - b. 1840
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales - b. 1841
Princess Alice b. 1843, d. 1875
Duke of Coburg b. 1844
Princess Christian - b. 1846
Marchioness of Lorne b. 1848
Duke of Connaught - b. 1850
Duke of Albany b. l853, d. 1884
Princess Beatrice - b. 1857