Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Rowan, commonly but misleadingly known in England as the Mountain Ash, is a rosaceous tree (Pyrtts Aucvparia). native to Europe and Northern Asia, with smooth, ash-grey bark, alternate pinnate leaves with 13 to 17 serrate leaflets; large corymbose cymes of small, creamy-white flowers; and small, scarlet pomes with yellow flesh. It grows at altitudes of 2,600 feet in the Scottish Highlands in rocky situations; and, whilst in Wales and in Kamtschatka drinks are prepared from the berries, they are chiefly noticeable for their beauty in early autumn and as a favourite food of thrushes and other birds. Much legendary lore centres round this tree, which in Scotland" is the badge of the M'Lachlans; its wood seems to have been used in divination, and its name is said to be connected with the word "run," a mystery.