Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Roulette, a French game of chance, now suppressed. The table has a depression in the centre surrounded with 37 or 38 cells, alternately red and black, numbered 1 to 36, with zero and (in case of 38) double zero. A ball is thrown upon a disc revolving in the central depression, and it drops into one of the cells. Upon the table arj arranged the numbers of the cells with the zero or zeros, and the words pair, passe, noir, impair, manque, rouge. A player may stake upon any of the numbers or zeros, and on any of the words mentioned. If he stakes on one number and wins, he receives 36 times his stake (counting the stake), if on two numbers 18 times his stake, and so on, a winning stake on 12 numbers bringing him 3 times his stake. A winner on one of the words receives the equal of his stake. Pair wins when the ball falls into an even number, impair when into an odd number, manque if in any from 1 to IS, passe if in any from 19 to 36, rouge if into a red cell, noir if into a black one. If the ball falls into zero, the stakes of those staking on the words are either divided equally between the bank and the players or are "put into prison," in which case the bank or the players take all, according to the chances of the next throw.