Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Rosacese, a large order of calycifloral dicotyledons, including plants of all sizes and countries, agreeing in having polysymmetric and generally pentamerous flowers, with polypetalous, perigynous corolla, indefinite stamens, and exalbuminous seeds. The fruit is very varied, being either a drupe, an achene, an eteerio of achenes or drupels, or a pome. In none of these are the carpels truly fused into a syncarpous fruit. There are ten tribes, sometimes treated as distinct orders: - (1) Pomaces, including apples, pears, quince, hawthorn, medlar, etc.; (2) Rosea?, including the roses; (3) Poteriete, including burnets, ladies'-mantle, and agrimony; (4) Rubea, including the brambles and raspberries; (5) Potentillea, including strawberries and cinque-foils; (6) Spiraea, including meadowsweet, dropwort, and China-rose; (7) Neuradeae; (8) Amygdaleae, including almonds, peaches, cherries, plums, and apricots; (9) Chrysobalaneae; and (10) Quillajeae.