Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Rohan Louis Princede

Rohan, Louis, Prince de (1734-1803), Cardinal Archbishop, and nephew of the Bishop of Strasburg, to whom he became coadjutor and successor. In 1772 he was sent as ambassador to Vienna, and there lent himself to such intrigues that the Empress of, Austria refused to tolerate him. On his return to Paris he followed the same nefarious methods, endeavouring to obtain the favour of Marie Antoinette, but in vain. Though notoriously a. profligate, he became Archbishop, Grand Almoner, and Cardinal. Marie Antoinette was induced to take part in a scheme to entrap him, which is famous in history as the affair of "The Diamond Necklace." He was told that the queen was not altogether indifferent to him, and he was advised to buy a diamond necklace for her. He did so, and was arrested, and after a year's delay was tried and acquitted. The queen, too late, saw the error of allowing herself to be drawn into the affair, and the scandal which occurred was the final incident leading to the Revolution. It may be said to have begun on the day of Rohan's release. Resigning his see, Rohan retired to Strasburg in 1801.